Introducing 3.10 Beta

Elementor v3.10 Free and Pro Beta Release

Hi Elementor Beta Testers 

We are proud to show off our new beta versions, Elementor and Elementor Pro 3.10. Both will introduce major new additions that will take your website design and responsiveness to a whole new level. These versions include the new Tabs widget, which is getting a complete overhaul.

Read all about it here

Try out our new beta versions and let us know what you think about our newest additions, which include:

    • New Nested Elements

    • Custom Unit Selector including custom values, keywords, CSS math functions, and more

    • Container-Based Full Website Kits, Templates, and Blocks

    • Dynamic Due Date in Countdown Widget

    • Disable Google Fonts (by very popular request from our friends in Germany and most of Europe!)

Should we still report these beta updates here?

We are considering posting them only in the groups Elementor Advanced users and Elementor Pioneers moving forward as it simply makes more sense to talk about Beta’s over there.

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